Happy Monkey Club Premium membership
Happy Monkey Club Premium membership
Carol Ploen-Hosegood

Welcome to Happy Monkey Club Premium membership

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About Me

Carol is the founder and leader of HMC with a background in sport and recreation, marketing, fundraising and retailing. She pulls on all her experiences and creates a fun, active community of women inspired by healthy living and giving back to others.

Carol lives the HMC lifestyle and enjoys sharing it with others. She loves sourcing and trying new modalities that fit into the 5 pillars of happiness and travelling to new places to hike and explore nature. 

Her motto in life is "to die young as old as possible."


Why you should join the HMC premium membership community.

  1. Convenience: we do the work for you and pull it all together in a nice easy to follow community, we offer great group challenges and run awesome retreats when Covid allow us to travel again. 
  2. Results: If you follow our five pillars of Happiness you will experience positive change in your life including health and happiness.
  3. Education: We are always learning through life, we share the latest articles and tap into local experts to share with you and invite you to share your knowledge and experiences in our community. 
  4. Resources: Monthly wellness challenges will be offered as well as great online resources available exclusively to premium members from local experts.  ( i.e. Shawn Flaman 5 minute morning yoga )
  5. Accountability and Motivation: When you are a part of a community you are more motivated and accountable to that community.
  6. Community: You are now connected to an amazing community of happy, healthy, fun women who are all on the same journey.  Make new friends. 
  7. Giving Back: We give back through volunteering, raising funds for charity and doing random acts of kindness.
  8. No Obligation: You take what you like and leave the rest.
  9. General membership: $10.99 CAD a month or $97.99 CAD per year.
  10. Includes: organized walks/hikes for all premium members. Minimum of one per month, usually more. 
  11. Paid programming various events will be available through out the year. All premium members will receive discounts on paid events.
  12. First to know of all upcoming HMC adventure travel trips as well as all HMC events. 
  13. Discounts: 10% off on all purchases in the HMC Happiness store. $50-100 off all HMC adventure travel. (discount applied to individual trips)
  14. Other surprises just for you.

Thank you

Thank you for joining our Happy Monkey Community and making you and our world a little healthier and happier.  

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